10+ Daily things to do in Kingdoms of Middle Earth

calendarJust a few tips on things you just HAVE to do on a daily basis when you play KoM (semi) seriously. This will really help you in the long term and will keep you from getting farmed, bring you better prizes in premium chance sales, and use your time as efficiently as possible, at the cost of a mere 30 minutes max per day!

Here goes:


  1. Log in to the calendar. Don’t miss out on great free awards for 2 seconds of work!
  2. Get the daily free token! See this article on how to
  3. Use the normal chance bonus token you get! (you still have it if the normal token game bar is orange instead of blue.  Not to be mistaken with the share free token of number 2 above!)
  4. E&D: Entrust and Donate. Benefits yourself, benefits your alliance, just take the time! 🙂
  5. Farm a little everyday. If you don’t have time each day to do complete farm routes, at least go for your top 10-20 farms each day for biggest rewards. Shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes!
  6. Mine Gems. They are vital for gear improvements, so make sure to use the picks you regenerate each day!
  7. Fill up your training queues.  Every day, be sure to spend excess resources on training troops to gain might, simple enough…
  8. Go to bed with empty vaults! Your sleeping time is the best time to go over vault and make you a profitable farm. Empty tour vaults on construction/research/troops before going to bed. (Or send excess to bank)
  9. Plan construction work! When you can spend an hour constantly at the game, upgrade lower level buildings. When you know you’re gonna be in a meeting for an hour or so, upgrade a building that takes roughly that time. Before sleep, start upgrading the highest level buildings so they are finished when you wake up.
  10. Close your cities before sleeping! Unless you don’t want to of course, or unless you are always closed, it could be handy to check if your troops are hidden during the night…
  11. Use the campaign stamina points you get each hour. It is simply a waste to let that ticker stand at 20 points for days at end. Use them each day to farm resource runes, upgrade your guardian, farm crafting runes, hour glasses or armor scraps!
  12. Say hello in AC. It’s easy, it’s quick, say hello to your teammates in AC and be part of the team!

7 thoughts on “10+ Daily things to do in Kingdoms of Middle Earth

  1. Could you also add that you have to daily donate RSS and entrust Amber Stone of Vala to the Alliance to get Alliance Points and Loyalty Points to buy items in the Alliance Shop and Upgrade Alliance Buffs. This feature came a few days ago available in our world.


  2. thank you very much for all the work you do to share your knowledge of the game with the gaming community. You have high quality information and you communicate well and your efforts are much appreciated!


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