Farming: How to pop bubbles

bubbleWhen you go out to farm, you start by looking on the map for suitable candidates: Players with no or weak alliances, low-to-medium might and relatively low level. However, many of your neighbors will initially appear to still be under the seven-day-invulnerability dome.

This limits your farming possibilities, but more annoyingly is the fact that many of these players have been inactive for more than 7 days and are in fact farm-ready. We only need to pop their bubble.

When you normally attack them through clicking on their city on the map, the game still prompts the protection message. This is how you can pop the bubble:

  1. Go to your Musterfield
  2. Manually add their coordinates in the top of the screen
  3. Press attack

If they really are under the 7 day protection, the game will still notify you of that, but if they simply have been inactive (for longer than the 7 day limit), your attack will be successful and their bubble will now be permanently popped. You can check this on the map again!

Happy farming!

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