Absence and update on Tokens and more..

inactveSo it really has been a while since I have been active. I already explained some of the reasons in earlier posts, but right now I have been of the game and site for some weeks almost completely. Personal life took a front seat and already narrowed the available time to play the game, but also the game itself hasn’t been as fun to me as it used to.

In essence, with all the new features and additions and content being dropped in a small time frame over the past months, this game for me at least, needs too much time spent per day for players to be competitive. For me, even with this site, this still remained a mobile game to me, which I play(ed) on my phone for some time a day, but definitely not hours on end (I know many of you do though).

On of my older articles detailed a set of 10 daily things to do in the game, but such a list today, with all the new features would require a lot of time if you want to stay ahead of the game and competition. Acquire gear, farm Tokens, Hero Skills, Mining, endless batches of tournaments…I can’t just pick up the game for anΒ hour a day and expect to be competitive in any sense, and I find that frustrating. Sure there were always times, like during tournaments, when more time and effort was required, or if you wanted to farm a lot of Smaug tokens, but there were also stretches of time when less time was needed.

And that is no more. Putting Tokens in mines might be a solution to the auto-bots, and in theory even spice things up a bit, but in an active server, mining can be frustrating and requiring attention for quite some time. I want to play this game on the side, not spend hours a day just to keep up.

But there are more things that are bothering me. Especially the pay-to-win model Kabam enforces is failing to keep me interested. I started out not spending a dime on the game, and for a year, that wasn’t necessary. Once I became a member of a top Alliance, I did spend some, and it felt good, but that feeling didn’t last. Spending, in my humble opinion, should of course give spenders an advantage, but not make them better or nearly unbeatable in every aspect of the game. Spending to get your hands on the first level 8 Artamir gems and Legendary gear made you invincible basically. Right now things are evening out again as most players acquire these items themselves, but the process will repeat.

Ugh, this probably sounds whiney to most, but I just want to explain my absence a bit. Given this site it should be clear I loved this game, but it slowly fading, which is really sad, because especially the team members/alliance play is what makes this game great.

So that said, I will slowly resume putting out articles and updating older ones, such as on the Hero Skills. I will try to keep up to date with new features, and hope I can find both the time and motivation to really start playing again….

16 thoughts on “Absence and update on Tokens and more..

  1. Any plans to update some articles for the classic server. Formulas seem to be different. The classic server is definetly more fun for me compared to gambling kabam created on the other servers.


  2. Exactly as u said, I even droped out the game for a month. just got back in only because of the frendships i made. i am playing sinds the start and idnt spend a dime. afhter joining the top alliance i started spending. i did for a few months and not a bit. sinds september i stoped spending. and again its almost impossible to compete at top ranks. So i just stay on for the fun of the alliance. probably wil zero in a short time and move on with my life.
    Thnx for this webiste, u did a great job. And i think i speak for a lot of people. U should be awarded wit level 10 artimer, provided by KABAM.

    O and sorry for my realy bad English writing.

    greeting from world Legolas235


  3. I think you well summed up the general feelings overall. I don’t know that it is possible to go back. I am still in it for now on multiple servers and appreciate you being the go to source for everything Hobbit. Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


  4. On server 148 they have actually started retirement alliances. I’ve been a huge fan of the game and ur site for almost a year. But the game is dull and it’s lost its fun.


  5. Thank you BeardMonkey, I’ve been following you since the very beginning and your advice on game updates and tactics was beyond valuable, you have shaped and explained the game for more players than you will ever know. I am sad to see you go but best of luck on your latest endeavors and I am sure that you will not be forgotten quickly.


      • Too funny beardmonkey. You have been my go to resource since joining the game 11 months and 1 week ago. We all appreciate your hard work. When you find the fun and the enjoyment back in the game, let us know – I’m feeling the same way – not excited even to log on anymore. Today was a one token premium and that even seems like a burden rather than fun. Never thought I would say that πŸ™‚


  6. After 18 months daily playing (daily like all!!! how stupid is that?), i will stop playing at the end of may and spend my little might for my alliance for TK.

    Maybe i am only a guy who jumps on the train like many other lvl100 players the last weeks, but the game is no more a game! Its a damn job now.

    I can agree with all your points, but finally my motivation is gone.

    One positive thing about the game? aaaaaaaah yes, with the new animations, the cities look pretty cool now! But thats all!


  7. I completely agree with you, and I’ve been drifting away from the game as well. I still haven’t been able to get my head around the endless combinations of gear and gems, and trying to do so does my head in. Troop numbers are totally meaningless, tk events are determined by deals done, gk. comps usually get decided by spending, and it gets to the stage of wondering whether I can really be bothered. The best part is the connection with other alliance members. I yearn for the days when reaching a million might was a massive achievement and when I wondered why the sliders for rss requests went up to 3 million, when all I ever needed was about 50k! Getting a hero to 215 was very satisfying, but there really aren’t any achievements I feel excited by any more. I estimated at one stage that if I could sell back my excess inventory items for what Kabam was charging for them, I’d be a Mithril millionaire – who needs 4 million armour scraps – why do they even exist any more?

    I guess it was inevitable that the game would eventually blow itself apart as everything ramped up exponentially – it’s sad, but it’s been fun. I just want to say thanks to you for all the work you have put in to help us along the way. This site has been a fantastic resource, and beautifully designed and maintained πŸ™‚

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  8. I’m with you on most aspects of this article. I too have slowly drifted away from the game and agree the fun factor has faded tremendously with all the new additions. Thanks for having this info,ive been an avid reader of your site for over 2 years now. Thanks


  9. Can’t say I blame you, especially with the new things Kaboom is coming out with !! I haven’t gotten a collector’s card yet and neither has anyone I know! I have no idea where to even get one ! I guess it’s something, maybe ONLY buyers can get???


  10. I’ve been avid reader of your site ever since I found it 2 years ago. Thanks for all the info you have shared it has made the game more fun! Unfortunately I feel pretty much the same as you about the game now. It’s becoming more and more a chore and dull at the same time. Oh well we had some good years. I’ll be zeroing myself soon and leavin.


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