Your opinion on the new Smaug

smaug thumbnailI tried to include a poll into my last article on the new Smaug, but it didn’t really look right. So here it is: I want to know what you think about the new Smaug and his drops. Worth it or not? Also here, any suggestions or opinions please in the comments. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Your opinion on the new Smaug

  1. It’s good, but expensive interms of losses.

    Personally I used to use Smaug gear to upgrade my good gear, but the scorched gear only has one level enhanced so you need a whole load of it before it’s worth using.

    On that note it would have been great if they just added the new one as page 3 of the Smaug campaign, that way the old one would still be available to hit.


  2. The gear u get from smaug isnt by far as good as necro of repl. best to hit with mr and sg. u will lose about 700 sg ( depends on the buffs u have ) nice that u can get BC and SW from the new smaug.


  3. From an OCD level to use the same pictures fonts and icons for the new scorched gear as the necro gear is beyond comical. I now have hundreds of gear pieces that look exactly the same. Surely new gear deserves at least it’s own icon and font!
    Small steps.
    All I can do is agree that the might loss is insane but The rewards are higher it would seem so far, more tokens & glass etc. I burned two roi and it cost 100 mill might this produced 209 tokens. But no way can you do that every week 😦
    The plunder bag is excellent! Well done on that one !!


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