Welcome to BeardMonkey’s Kingdoms of Middle Earth blog

Hey everyone, welcome to BeardMonkey.net. I use this site to help other understand the game and write my opinion on certain aspects of the Kingdoms of Middle Earth. I do my best to cover every possible (important) topic related to the game and provide you with new information as soon as possible.

Information is split up into Articles and Blog. Under articles are filed posts of a permanent nature, providing information on various subjects which remain unchanged or are updated regularly. Under the blog category posts are made of a more temporary nature, concerning quick updates or more opinion based material.

The Index page lists all the articles and is the best way to find information. Articles are divided in the categories Kom101/beginner, Heroes and Equipment, Campaign, Troops and War, Alliance, Cities and Buildings, Tournaments,and Gameplay and Updates.

Please remember that this is not an official site in any way for the game or our alliance, just a collection of my thoughts on certain subjects.


267 thoughts on “Welcome to BeardMonkey’s Kingdoms of Middle Earth blog

  1. Ok i have been trying to figure out what legendary Thursday’s are. They are in my inventory but I can’t use them and can’t find them anywhere. What are they and how do I use them it’s driving me crazy


    • Go to your sage tower in city one to trade them in. Unless you missed the trade deadline. Always check Sage tower in city 1 and laketown for trading all this “stuff” that Kabam puts in boxes.


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