Welcome to BeardMonkey’s Kingdoms of Middle Earth blog

Hey everyone, welcome to BeardMonkey.net. I use this site to help other understand the game and write my opinion on certain aspects of the Kingdoms of Middle Earth. I do my best to cover every possible (important) topic related to the game and provide you with new information as soon as possible.

Information is split up into Articles and Blog. Under articles are filed posts of a permanent nature, providing information on various subjects which remain unchanged or are updated regularly. Under the blog category posts are made of a more temporary nature, concerning quick updates or more opinion based material.

The Index page lists all the articles and is the best way to find information. Articles are divided in the categories Kom101/beginner, Heroes and Equipment, Campaign, Troops and War, Alliance, Cities and Buildings, Tournaments,and Gameplay and Updates.

Please remember that this is not an official site in any way for the game or our alliance, just a collection of my thoughts on certain subjects.


204 thoughts on “Welcome to BeardMonkey’s Kingdoms of Middle Earth blog

  1. Do you have any updates on whether kabam will bring back being able to trade tokens for trophys is sage tower before the end of the season? Do you have schedule for week 3 and if sage towers exchanges will change for a 3rd time? Appreciated if you could find out. Cheers.


  2. Have you heard of the new phenomenon called Double Tap. It pretty much only works on high level bosses, like smaug. Attack him first with like 1500 MR; prepare to lose. There should be around 3000 life left on smaug. Then attack again with say, 100 SG and 2000 MR. Score goes up. I haven’t completely figured out the mechanics, and it doesn’t seem right, cause you’ll have much higher vitality. And close to same number efficiency. But score goes up.


  3. Hi monkey,

    Thanks for the tremendous work you have done in this blog. Your blog has guided me through the beginners day and continue to do so even now :).
    Since I joined the game in late January 2015 and missed the laketown deed I have worked my way to a good alliance and acquired all cities but I face challenge in smauging. I would like to know if porter trick works for old smaug for an elf. Dont ev much defence gear but have 250 hero.



  4. HI monkey,
    I have bards arrow, the sting, bilbos cloak, the oakenshield, thorins fur, gandalfs stick, and i dont know what to do with them! i have bilbo hero at level 250 if that helps, can you give me some ideas,


  5. Thank you for this beardmonkey, I only started recently and was confused about a few things. thereofer I turned to my trusty friend the search engine and found this site and it helped me a lot.

    I am, even, upto 5 cities already just from the info you gave on where to get the relics. I doubt I would have gotten them this quickly if I was trying to figure it out on my own.

    If we find any info out of date how can we let you know? This way we can help you out.


  6. I have a question regarding, FOE Attack debuff. Assuming you have 50% FOE Attack debuff and your enemy has +50% attack. Will the FOE Attack debuff operate on the 50% bonus the enemy has and simply do 50%-50%, or will it work on the now 150% total attack of the enemy?
    Also what happens if you are debuffing 100% ATK(not sure if it’s even possible), are you:
    a) removing flat 100% attack.
    b) removing all the attack bonus
    c) removing all the attack (making him hit 0)
    d) Does it work like when assigning a hero and actually means 50%? (As in speeding a building 100%, makes it take half the time it would take, instead of actual 100% which would mean instant)

    Sorry if I’m not explaining myself very well, I find this very confusing!


  7. Hi Beard Monkey,
    I have the complete set of the replenishing arms which is theThe Light
    The Shelter
    The Well
    The Peak
    The Spirit
    However, i accidentally lost the peak gear part and i cant get it back. I use smaugs tooth instead but i dont think it will work. I can only get 80k defense with this gear set and i think it might be because of the smaugs tooth. What should i swap it for?
    I only have the light and max level, the rest are level 8 and one level 7, all fully enhanced.



  8. I’ve read through the basic (101 articles) and I see a huge amount of effort put into these documents. probably the most comprehensive set of documents about Middle Earth, honestly.


  9. Love the site n info.
    But what im searching for at the moment is info on how each tourney is run, how the scores r calculated n so forth. I keep getting asked the same questions but cant find any solid answers


  10. Hi, I just want to say thanks for all the work you’ve done on this site. Much appreciated! Just wondering, could you perhaps do an article on the new troops attack order soon? With the introduction of Lake-town troops, there’s been some alterations… Cheers.


  11. ive dug thru a lot of this websites pages. while it is the best I have seen on giving info. there is still a lot to I have not seen.
    1. Dismissing troops (namely porters) to get idle population back (how most win in train a thons) and if done on a ally wide scale ally TOMs. (Have known some players that train nothing but porters in every city all day every day, and have even known some players that will dismiss all the way to T3 to ensure victory in train a thons.) This all depends on resources and all but not uncommon to see players and banks with billions each to fund.
    2. Basic info on ally shop exchange. Example of what I mean here is only 2 things in shop ever worth exchanging for. stam refills and 12 hour protection runes. Everything else is garbage and not worth it. Stam refills being the most important thing.
    3. TK conversions. example of this is most players can get 3:1 stone giants vs woodmen. Would really love to see this for the new tactical as only use ive found for them is to let the pikemen die protecting stone giants

    A ton of other info i would love to see as well.
    look forward to seeing more in the future


  12. About laketown: In ur article it says after research has been completed, u can destroy ur research building and depending on what u want, u can choose not to build stables! There’s an other building u can choose not to build to make space for a home or barrack though and that’s the tavern! Transport will be much slower but, speaking for myself, thats not a real issue! Just fyi to perfect ur allready magnificent site… Great job and ive learned a lot… Thx


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